Yesterday’s Dream

Year 2020 is a tough year but I am so blessed because I was given a chance to study again. To think that I’m studying in UPOU is a great pleasure, pride, and a dream come true. First, I have expected that studying here will be so difficult but at the same time I am excited to learn and know what I will become after this semester. Now that I am at the end of this semester, I am proud to say that I have learned so much from my professor and classmates.  I just prove to myself that it is a pride and pleasure of a human to have continuous learning. We may learn through schools, work, and through experiences. As a person, we must not stop learning, because learning is the only thing that no one could take away from you.

I view learners including myself as a jar full of assorted candies. It tastes sour and sweet like my experiences encountered upon completing this journey. I am working in a hospital and I believe that many of my classmates are also working also. As a learner, I find time to study because after work, I am tired already and sleepy so I find time at early in the morning where my mind is fresh and could absorb all of the information. Cognitive load theories explain why I couldn’t absorb what I am reading after my work anymore. It is a sweet journey though because it is like fulfilment in my heart to learn again and finish 4-yr course.

Everyone has their own intelligence including myself. Everyone has their opinion and own understanding to every situation and question. I have learned that it is how they answer the question that makes them perfectly imperfect. Everyone deserves a respect and acknowledgement of their work. Everyone come from different places, and experiences that make them answer the question or give their opinion different from each other. The main point to this is to answer politely and respond with respect.

At first, I have hesitation in group collaboration because I think that we might not communicate well but I am so thankful that my groupmates are cooperative and kind. We have shared our thoughts and agreed at one point. That is what social constructivism is all about. I have learned from them and they have learned from me, and that is one proof that “no man is an island”. I have realized that it is better if we will work as a group to conquer and learn. I value procedural knowledge because it is the knowledge where people perform wonderfully. And for our group, it is a step by step procedure that we think deeply before posting our answers. I have learned also that all learning process is important to incorporate knowledge such as attention, memory, writing, processing, and thinking. And as a learner, it is necessary to pay attention to those learning process to gain knowledge successfully. I have noticed that during our group collaboration, we have touched all these learning process and able to show good communication and good teamwork.

Trying to resolve a problem is a step by step process. First, try to identify the problem, then analyse the problem, try to identify the root cause of the problem, and then look for some information that could lead you to answer that problem, do an action plan, and lastly evaluate the results. These are the steps that helped me to resolved educational issues that I have encountered. I have connected the educational issues to the lessons that I have learned to come up with conclusion and solution to the problems.

Change in this world is constant and so with me. I am open for some changes in my life and I have learned that change is sometimes could lead for better. Acceptance is the key after changes have been done. I open my heart to some changes in my life realizing that this is a part of being a person that matures. Life teaches us many things in life, and in the end, it is the hand of the person on how it will be used.

I could make changes if I know that it will be for the best. It is a decision that sometimes could make or unmake me or other person. Before I start my day, I see to it that I have prayed that I hope that no one will hurt me and vice versa. I value the feelings of others; I value myself, family and God.

I am looking forward that I will be a teacher for college students or SPED students. I want to be role model and I want to hear some thoughts of my students. I want to learn from them, I want to educate them. I want to put hope to the eyes of my students.  I want to have Master’s degree also in the future for self-growth and also to give my students more knowledge. Being a teacher is one of the promising professions that everyone looks up. They said that without a teacher, there will be no other professions that will exist. It makes sense and it denotes the importance of this profession. I hope that someday I will be a licensed professional teacher graduated from UPOU. Being here in UPOU makes me proud and makes me gain more confidence. I know that this journey will not be easy, but I know with proper guidance of my teachers, perseverance, and application of knowledge, I know that I will reach my goal soon.


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The Center for development and  learning. Understanding the learning process to effectively differentiate instruction. CDL.


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